Ever since I became a hobbyist more than 30 years ago, I have often wondered about a particular group of fish. These fish, although often featured in books, are rarely available in the fish shops of Singapore. They were better known as "Egg-Laying Toothcarps" in the old days. The fish were very colourful and had an aura of mystery around them. People say they are the most beautiful of all tropical fishes and that their eggs can be sent across nations and still remain alive.

In November 2001, I received my first few bags of killifish eggs from friends living in the US of A. Since then, many more have arrived. Now I have a good collection of killifish and have managed to breed quite a few of them. They are indeed the most beautiful of all tropical fishes.


Everything they say about killifish is true and more......


Loh Kwek Leong
Somewhere in Sunny Singapore
12th December 2002

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